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Vintage analog synthesizer repair specialists


Having a problem with your synthesizer?

With a bit of love and attention your synthesizer could be restored to the glorious "bleep-bloop-buzziness" that you remember. You might have spilt some coffee (or beer) over the keyboard? Or maybe it was dropped during transport to a gig? Or does it just need a good service? Whatever the problem, we'll take a look.

Our engineer has over 30 years of experience repairing, modifying, restoring and retro-fitting vintage analog synthesizers as well as the repair and modification of digital synthesizers. Whether it's a Moog™, Moog Modular™, ARP™, Oberheim™, Roland™, Yamaha™, Novation™, Korg™ and other “newer” synthesizers, he has had experience of repairing, modifying, restoring or retro-fitting it.

After some enquiries from customers, we are now also offering a synthesiser kit building service. Please contact us for further information.


For all of these services, price is dependent on the amount of work required. We provide free estimates for all work so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice or further information.

Please note that our standard call out fee is £45 for customers within a 20 mile radius of Glasgow. Outside this area, the cost of a call out will depend on the distance. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are further away, as we will be glad to make arrangements to visit you