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About Us

Singing Cat Services provides a synthesizer restoration and repair service within Central Scotland. We restore and repair a wide range of vintage analog and digital synthesizers and electronic musical equipment, for example amplifiers, mixers and microphones.

Our engineer over 30 years of experience renovating, repairing, maintaining and modifying synthesizers and other electronic musical equipment.

Please take a look at the services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.



Singing Cat Services was named after our engineer's cat, Puss. Puss was extremely fond of singing and had a rather good sense of pitch and timing. He was a very loving, loyal, happy and intelligent cat as well as an extremely handsome dude and quite a character to boot. All of which contributed to him being one of the most influential advertising and PR executives ever known (cute and fluffy beats business acumen every time). He was also damn good at sorting screws. He is very sadly missed by all of us at Singing Cat and also by many customers and friends who were fortunate enough to know him.


Jazz and Pop

After the very sad loss of Puss, Singing Cat Services employed Jazz and Pop. Pop’s strength was customer relations and she always made a particular effort to ensure our customers were made to feel welcome. Jazz’s speciality was quality control and her skills at identifying lost screws were legendary. Very sadly Jazz and Pop are no longer with us and are very much missed by all of us at Singing Cat Services and our customers and friends

b and t

B-Boy and T-Girl

Singing Cat Services has recently hired two apprentices, B-Boy and T-Girl. They are currently undergoing training to identify their specialisms.